reza raeisifar architect and product designer




I am Reza Raeisifar, and I warmly welcome you to the story of my life.

Since childhood, I have had an endless passion for creation and building. This passion took shape in the intriguing world of robotics at the beginning of my high school years and accompanied me until I entered university.

However, my growing love for art and industrial design drew me towards the field of architecture. After years of experience in this field, a dedicated mentor revealed a secret to me: my attention to detail exceeds the ordinary, and I perceive a meter as a thousand millimeters.

The alignment of this ability with my deep understanding of architecture led to the idea of designing and building furniture. Additionally, by leveraging my knowledge of electronics and a comprehensive understanding of various materials and complex mechanisms, I ventured into the field of lighting object design.

Amidst the numerous challenges and errors I encountered along this path, a special talent within me became evident, and I realized that I could create a unique harmony by combining different elements. Later, I discovered that this ability is called “Adhocism.”

In this manner, my life found a new color and scent. I entered the field of product design, and every work I create feels like a part of my existence and identity.

With endless determination, I continuously pursue my goals and intend to illuminate the world with the light and map of creativity and innovation.


Warm regards,

Reza Raeisifar