In the universe, from humans to trees, from animals to galaxies, they are all made up of the juxtaposition of small elements.
This design was inspired by the concept of modular shapes, which allow the creation of products in different dimensions and shapes. .
The idea of choosing an element and creating a dynamic form through repetition has always been our motivation.
This design is a modular light that results in a dynamic product by placing linear elements together. What sets this design apart from others is its innovative approach to modularity, which allows for adjustable light-reflecting configurations. Its strengths include a sense of nostalgia, changeable dimensions and the attractiveness of light reflection.
Technical features, such as the availability of aluminum blades in stores, allow us to make it ready for use by minor changes.
The structure of the Keker lamp consists of three main parts:
   Skeleton: In this section, three laser-cut plexiglass plates are used, which is responsible for creating the main structure of the lamp, which acts like bones and keeps the rest of the elements in their proper position.
Shade: This part is made of aluminum blades of shutters, which are cut lengthwise and placed on the plexiglass slots.
Light source: This section uses a 360-degree longitudinal LED that is placed in the middle of the structure and creates uniform and complete light distribution.